Welcome to the home page of freelance DJ Adam C a.k.a. Tetsuwan Adam. Have a listen to and freely download these mixes of mine featuring favorite tracks old and new.

The 20Turn-it-to11 Mix

24 tracks / 40 min / listen / download

Twenty-two chart-toppers in 2011 (plus a couple of personal favorites) in one 40-minute party mix.

Featuring: Jennifer Lopez, Lupe Fiasco, LMFAO, Icona Pop, Cee Lo Green and more

The R Mix

15 tracks / 42 min / listen / download

R for relaxing or romantic - either fits nicely.

Featuring: Amy Winehouse, Common, Justin Timberlake, Mylo, PM Dawn, Smokey Robinson and more

Hip-hop Album Selection

18 tracks / 38 min / listen / download

A mix of radio hits and more minor selections from some favorite hip-hop albums.

Featuring: Jurassic 5, Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, Jay Z & Danger Mouse and more

Valentine's Soul

9 tracks / 21 min / listen / download

Soul classics as they were, along with tasteful remixes and possibly the most romantic rap ever made.

Featuring: Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Von Pea, Jackson 5 and more

Low to Peak Breakbeats

12 tracks / 37 min / listen / download

A club mix progressing from low-key breakbeats to full-on stompers.

Featuring: Stanton Warriors, Freestylers, LCD Soundsystem, Friendly, JS-16 and more

Hip-hop & Upbeat Soul

12 tracks / 27 min / listen / download

Party fun, no pretensions.

Featuring: Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Eve, Beyonce, Coolio and more