mod_rewrite Essential Tips for Beginners

No web admin wants URLs with .htm’s, .php’s, and least of all long ?id=zqw6&ref=who%20cares query strings. SEO aside, it just looks so 2005. Fortunately most any CMS or framework has support for pretty URLs these days, whether WordPress’s permalinks or Laravel’s intuitive and flexible routing. But for developers working on legacy sites, the only choice may be to implement pretty URLs the old-fashioned way – via Apache’s mod_rewrite. That was the situation I recently found myself in, and here are a few tricks I learned that may help those in the same situation.
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Pressed for Time: First-time WordPress Installation & Customization in a Day

When the time came to create a personal blog – the one you’re looking at now – I decided it was finally time to try out the web’s most ubiquitous CMS, WordPress. Though I’ve been creating websites from scratch in PHP and MySQL for years, aside from a short stint with Joomla this was my first start-to-finish experience with a CMS.  My two burning questions coming into the project:

  • Is WordPress as easy to use as they say – not only the installation but also authoring and administration?
  • Is it customizable enough for someone used to coding everything from scratch?

I’ve documented my installation and early customization process – including any pitfalls encountered along the way, along with their solutions – in the hope that it’ll come in handy for anyone else debating whether WordPress is right for them.  I consider it a fair example of how far you can go in building and customizing a WordPress site in one or two work days. Continue Reading