Top VGM of 2013

Usually I save my affinity for movie and game soundtracks for my soundtrack site, but here’s the occasional exception. These three compilation mixes feature favorite pieces from the game soundtracks of 2013 in three separate genres: orchestral, electronic and rock. Listening to music from games may seem silly to the unacquainted, but for people whose tastes go beyond top-40 fare into various instrumental genres, I think they’re well worth a listen.

Volume 2: Orchestral and Acoustic

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And We’re Up

After fifteen years doing web publishing in some fashion – mostly dedicated to a niche hobby of mine – I’ve decided to finally do the blog thing.  For a new blog you might notice there are quite a few older posts – these are imports of my various movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes from the past several years.  Along with continued movie reviews, I expect to post what useful information I can about web development, along with reviews and opinions from the tech realm as well as perhaps some musings from my travels.  Not exactly the most uniform of content but that’s what these things are for, right?