Top VGM of 2013

Usually I save my affinity for movie and game soundtracks for my soundtrack site, but here’s the occasional exception. These three compilation mixes feature favorite pieces from the game soundtracks of 2013 in three separate genres: orchestral, electronic and rock. Listening to music from games may seem silly to the unacquainted, but for people whose tastes go beyond top-40 fare into various instrumental genres, I think they’re well worth a listen.

Volume 2: Orchestral and Acoustic

I’ll begin with the orchestral volume 2 as it has probably the highest “This comes from a game?” factor. Following an upbeat orchestral intro comes a Classical piano sonata, a wickedly spooky Gothic piece and a string of pretty orchestral and acoustic pieces, before finishing with some quirky Danny Elfman’esque fare and a spaghetti-Western finale.

Volume 1: Electronic, EDM and Chiptune

The all-electronic volume 1 begins with upbeat electronic funk before moving into trance, drum ‘n bass and dubstep EDM, then finishing with some creative examples of retro-inspired chip music.

Volume 3: Rock

The third and final volume is purely instrumental rock, moving from blues to progressive to metal and finishing with an ’80s-inspired hard-rock action anthem.

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