The Wolverine

A solid Wolverine solo story spoiled by a stupid ending. By taking Wolvie out of his element and into modern Japan, the movie starts strongly with some interesting scenarios and some pretty exciting action (if a bit tidy even by PG-13 standards). After a slow but tolerable second act, however, the film implodes in a mess of Hollywood excess and stupidity, including a shockingly misguided take on a classic villain, a ridiculous villainess, some awkward copycat scenes of movies ranging from The Matrix to The Lord of the Rings, and about three inexplicable and unneeded story turns too many.

Altogether it’s still far more watchable than the first Wolverine movie, but it could have been so much more. The Blu-ray release reportedly will offer an unrated edit; I’d recommend waiting to see if that version at least has a little more bite.