Furious 7

Much better than the previous entry, and up there with Fast Five among the best of the series. The abundant fist fights and car chases are as over-the-top as you’d expect but are well shot (if a bit too briskly cut) and pretty damn exciting on the whole. Some of the plot points are ridiculous but there’s always one of those action scenes as payoff, and aside from an occasionally cheesy soundtrack and one played-out character, the dramatic elements are respectable considering the outrageousness that surrounds them.

Kudos for the movie’s handling of Paul Walker’s tragic death in a dignified manner. It’ll be sad seeing the series go on without him, but director James Wan has proven that if that must be the case, he deserves to be the one to have a shot at it.

Fast & Furious 6

Fast Five was a well-oiled machine; this sequel shows some of the series’ mileage but still makes for a fun ride. After a strong start the movie stalls in its middle section from too much loosely connected plot and too little action, until hitting the gas again for an exciting finish. A bit too fast maybe, as a couple of major developments happen to prominent characters and hardly anyone seems to notice.

The action, though, makes for good fun – not only the car chases but several brawls that do the bone-crunching Rock-Diesel showdown from the previous movie proud. And just being able to talk seriously about the plot in a Fast & Furious movie shows how far the series has come. Fast Seven and Tokyo here we come.